This site is based on Pinterest. More specifically, this site is based on my addiction to Pinterest and all the recipes that I’ve pinned. If you’re like me, you’ve probably pinned more than you’ve tried, so I’ve decided to try them for you and blog about my experiences. I’ll let you know the good, the bad, and the modifications. I’ll even roll call all the sites and recipes that I love. Oh yeah, I’ll also craft and let you know how well that goes.

Now, a bit about me. I’ve been living a natural and holistic┬álifestyle since the mid-90s. I’ve been an on again off again vegan/raw foodist, for the same amount of time. I’ve been cooking and crafting my entire life. No, really, I have. Once, in the 4th grade, I almost burned my house down because I started melting butter on the stove, ran to my neighbor’s for a missing ingredient, returned home and found flames nearing the ceiling. My generous elderly neighbor helped me put out the fire before my mom came home from work. We never did get that black stain off the ceiling.

I also owned a body care business. I sold soap, and other body care products that I made myself. Anywho, most of the recipes that you find here will be dishes made almost entirely from scratch. Why? That’s just how I do.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the site and the food.